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Special Report on Nordic Countries

08.02.2013  10:39
On 1 February 2013 The Economist magazine published a report Special Report on Nordic Countries parallel with an event on the same day where the Danish Ambassador participated together with other Nordic Ambassadors. The purpose of the event was to discuss the details of the report and exchange business ideas. Furthermore approximately 60-80 people from the business community in Bulgaria, as well as representatives of the government and the diplomatic missions in the country where also invited to participate.

The report Special Report on Nordic Countries examines The Nordic countries have been upgrading their famous model--open economies combined with generous welfare states--to cope with a fast-changing world.

The report was a successful starting point for a well-debated day.

The event was organized by Creative Solutions – the representative of The Economist for Bulgaria in co-operation with Bulgarian-Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Konica Minolta.

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