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Jon Christensen, Jacob Bro and Thomas Morgan gives Concert in Sofia

16.10.2012  14:54

The internationally acclaimed guitarist Jakob Bro’s is guesting Sofia the 24th of October in company with the Norwegian Drummmer Jon Christensen and American double bassist Thomas Morgan.

The Danish Jazz musician Jacob Bro has build up a great reputation around the world, and at Roskilde festival this year he played together with Thomas Morgan and the Danish electronic wizard Thomas Knak to present the new electronics-centric double album Bro/Knak (Loveland Records, 2012),    

The new trio consisting of Jacob bro, Thomas Morgan and Jon Christensen made their debut at the Danish Jazz festival this Summer, where they got some fantastic recomendations saying:

 The trio's performance revealed a special sensation of free(d) playing. Three musical worlds getting together; three musicians bringing their very own way of sound making into a realm of listening that builds upon their mutual musical confidence. Circling around each other, they miraculously got closer and closer with a very own fluidity emerging.  

The concert in Sofia is a part of the "Jazz Plus Festival".

More information can be found on the official webpage: http://fest.jazz-plus.com/?page_id=82&lang=en

“Jakob has something going on, this egoless thing. There’s a quality he has as a person that allows the music to happen” – Bill Frisell

(Copenhagen Jazz festival july 8, 2012)


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