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Northern Lights Film Festival 2012

14.09.2012  10:50

The good  Life

Two women, mother and daughter, live on the sunny portuguese coast. They have relished the ´good life´with ample pleasure and a total absence of work. Now, however, their wealth has run out.&nbsp; How do they cope with a life of poverty after having been born into wealth? How do they manage to find a job and keep it, when nobody in the family has ever worked? And who is to blame now that the sweet and dreamy life has turned into a nightmare? The Good Life won the Best Documentary award at Karlovy Vary Film Festival.</P>

A Family

Ditte owns a gallery, has a loving boyfriend and her dream job in New York is within reach. But Ditte is also the youngest generation of the famous bakery dynasty, Rheinwald, and when her beloved, but dominating father comes down with a serious illness, Ditte is faced with the grueling decision: To pursue her own dreams, or to continue the legacy of her family. A Family is a moving and modern story about complicated family ties, the new wife, the new kids - and about following your dreams to find your own place in history.

We Shall Overcome

13-year-old Frits has fallen out of favour with the headmaster of his provincial school. The year is 1969. The world is changing rapidly and corporal punishment has been banned. The tyrannical headmaster, however, hasn't bothered to notice. When the headmaster steps over the line during punishing Frits, the boy takes up battle against the authorities. The story is based on actual events.

Programme of the Festival:

20.09 Upperdog /Norway/- 19.00' Cinema House

20.09 The Smoking Room /Finland/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

21.09 The Living Room of the Nation /Finland/ - 19.00' Cinema House

21.09 The New World /Estonia/ – 18.00’ Red House

21.09 Short Symphony /Sweden/– 20.00’ Red House

21.09 Limbo /Norway, Denmark, Sweden/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

21.09 The Good Life /Denmark/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

22.09 Farsan /Sweden/ - 19.00' Cinema House

22.09 Upperdog /Norway/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

22.09 The Man Who Loved Yngve /Norway/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

23.09 We Shall Overcome /Denmark/- 19.00' Cinema House

23.09 The New World /Estonia/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

23.09 The Smoking Room/Finland/ – 20.00’ Euro Cinema

24.09 Limbo /Norway, Denmark, Sweden/- 19.00' Cinema House

24.09 The Man Who Loved Yngve /Norway/ – 18.00’ Red House

24.09 The Living Room of the Nation /Finland/– 20.00’ Red House

24.09 A Family /Denmark/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

24.09 We Shall Overcome /Denmark/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

25.09 Anarchy in Zirmunai /Lithuania/- 19.00' Cinema House

25.09 Farsan /Sweden/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

25.09 The Good Life /Denmark/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

26.09 Short Symphony/Sweden/- 19.00' Cinema House

26.09 The Living Room of the Nation/Finland/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

26.09 The New World /Estonia/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

27.09 A Family /Denmark/- 19.00' Cinema House

27.09 Anarchy in Zirmunai/Lithuania/ – 18.30’ Euro Cinema

27.09 The Man Who Loved Yngve /Norway/- 20.00’ Euro Cinema

28.09 We Shall Overcome /Denmark/– 18.00’ Red House

28.09 Anarchy in Zirmunai/Lithuania/ – 20.00’ Red House

28.09 Short Symphony /Sweden/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

28.09 The Living Room of the Nation /Finland/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

29.09 Upperdog /Norway/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

29.09 A Family /Denmark/– 20.00’ Euro Cinema

30.09 Limbo /Norway, Denmark, Sweden/– 18.30’ Euro Cinema

30.09 The Smoking Room /Finland/- 20.00’ Euro Cinema