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Here you can find the publications which concerns trade conditions, etc. in each sector in Bulgaria.

Using the website you can find publications, analyses, magazines, newsletters, subsidiary lists, which makes it simple to search for information about exactly what market or sector that is relevant to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Bulgarian market, you can find our publications here. Be aware that you have to sign up, before you can access the publications.

Below you can also find the sector reports that the Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria has prepared.

Sector reports from 2016:

Energy Sector 2016

Food Sector 2016 

Sector reports from 2015:

Agriculture Sector 2015 

Sector reports from 2014:

Food Products Sector 2014

IT and telecommunication 2014

Pharmaceutics and Healthcare_2014

Tourism Sector, 2014

Sector reports from 2013:

Bulgarian Oil & Gas sector 2013

Furniture and Design 2013

Food Products Sector 2013

Retail Sector, 2013

Textile and Clothing Sector, 2013  

Sector reports from 2012:

Agriculture Sector, May 2012 

Energy Sector, May 2012

Food Products Sector, May 2012

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, May 2012

Retail Sector, May 2012

Textile and Clothing Sector, May 2012

Tourism Sector, May 2012