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About denmark

In the pages below you can read more about the nation where 70% of the population speaks English as their second language; the nation which is famous for its architects and designers; the nation which is the world pioneer in wind-power technology, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, and the birthplace of Dogme films.

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries and the oldest monarchy in Europe. Since the time of the Vikings the Danish Kingdom has proved to be strong and self-confident, interacting vigorously with the rest of the world.

Denmark has a long trading tradition, and Danish merchants conducted trade all over the region. The country is strategically situated at the mouth of the Baltic, and Denmark’s importance as a gateway for regional trade has increased markedly since the dissolution of the former Soviet Union.

Moreover since Sweden and Finland joined the European Union in 1995, Denmark’s position as a crossing point between continental Europe and the Nordic countries has been strengthened. Potential investors are increasingly attracted by the country’s central geographical location.

Traditionally Denmark is an agricultural country, but in recent decades the economy has assumed a more complex form, dominated by manufacturing and a large service sector. Thus 72.8% of the workforce is employed in the service sector, which accounts for around 66.1% of GDP.

Visiting Denmark

Denmark is Europe’s gateway to Scandinavia. Surrounded by four seas, Denmark is an ancient seafaring nation. Throughout history, visiting merchants and their vessels have lent the nation a cosmopolitan air. Denmark is a country whose hills and valleys have been shaped by the forces of Ice Age glaciers. Short distances between attractions offer unique holiday opportunities with a mix of city life, culture and nature.

A holiday in Denmark might easily include nourishment for both body and soul, as well as pure entertainment. In a single day, you can experience Skagen – the romantic, sun-drenched tip of Denmark – take a dip in the North Sea along the sandy shores of Jutland, visit picturesque villages and historic towns, and enjoy Danish cuisine made from the finest seasonal produce. All within easy reach.

A state-of-the-art infrastructure makes travelling in Denmark a delight, whether you take the train or bus or travel by plane. Motorists will find the road system accessible and convenient and traffic information clear and informative.

Land of festivals

Nothing brings Danes closer together than a lively music festival where they seem more sociable and friendly than ever. You’ll always feel welcome. Festivals and events take place nationwide all year round. They offer first-hand experience of Danish culture and way of life as well as history, sport, music, gastronomy, art and culture.  All musical genres have their own festivals.

Rock music festivals, complete with tent cities, often stretch over several days. Other events include folk and jazz music festivals and ambitious classical concerts. History is a great source of inspiration, of course, and dramatic eras, such as the Age of the Vikings and the Middle Ages, inspire several annual festivals.

Denmark is a harmonious little nation; a country where you will feel welcome and where new ideas and trends from abroad play an important part in our modern life. Denmark is a land that calls to the senses; a carefree nation where children can roam in play.