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Danish by birth

It is your parents' nationality which determines whether you become a Danish citizen at birth.

Detailed provisions are provided in the Danish Nationality Act. The Act in force at the time of your birth, determines the relevant rules applicable to you.

If your biological parents were married when at your birth, you are acquired Danish nationality if you were born:

  • Before 1st of January 1979 and your father is a Danish citizen
  • On the 1st of January 1979 or later and your mother or father is a Danish citizen

If your biological parents were not married at your birth, you are acquired Danish nationality if:

  • Your mother is a Danish citizen, regardless of your date of birth
  • Only your father is a Danish citizen, and you were born in Denmark on the 1st of February 1999 or later

So, if your mother is a foreign citizen and your father is a Danish citizen, and you were either born before 1st of February 1999 or born abroad, you are not a Danish citizen. However, if your parents subsequently marry, you will acquire Danish citizenship with effect from the date of the marriage.

Danish fathers whose children do not qualify as Danish citizens according to the above mentioned may apply for their child to be naturalised as a Danish citizen, if the father shares the parental responsibility. For more information please contact the Embassy’s Consular Section.

As a general rule, Danish citizens born abroad will have to apply for retention of Danish Nationality before the age of 22.