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Ambassador's greeting

Welcome to the homepage of the Danish Embassy in Bulgaria

My colleagues and I at the Embassy in Sofia and at the honorary consulate in Varna work hard to promote Danish interests in Bulgaria whether it is political, economic, commercial or cultural. The Embassy aims to strengthen and enhance the relations between Bulgaria and Denmark. The diplomatic relations go back to 1931 and the first resident Ambassador came to Sofia in 1990.


Today a wide range of small and big Danish companies are established in Bulgaria and every year Bulgaria is visited by many Danish tourists who have discovered the beautiful nature and other attractions in Bulgaria.


The Embassy’s task is to assist you – whether you are a citizen, a company or a public authority. We can help you proactively or if the need should arise suddenly. The Embassy also works to assist the Danish companies in Bulgaria and promote Bulgarian investments in Denmark. Further we seek to disseminate information about Denmark in Bulgaria through cultural events and exchanges and by the use of social media.


On our website you can find additional information about the Embassy. You can also follow the Danish Embassy in Sofia on social media which gives you regular updates regarding our activities. The Embassy is on Facebook and on Twitter.


If you want additional information or assistance you are always welcome to contact us at the Embassy.


Best regards,


Jes Brogaard Nielsen

/ Ambassador of Denmark to Bulgaria