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The Trade Council in Bulgaria

The Trade Council in Sofia can assist you with establishing a good network and thereby ensure a good start on the new market in Bulgaria.

Consult the Executive Order concerning Foreign Service Payments to see the commercial services offered by the Embassy as well as their fees.

The Trade Council has launched a number of targeted services named "Global Public Affairs" that can support your company's positioning to public authorities or political decision makers abroad. Click here to learn more about the services The Trade Council can offer.

Our global presence, international networks and political knowledge makes us a strong partner for Danish companies operating in regulated or difficult conditions in export markets.

Through our embassies around the world, we can offer your company the following services within Global Public Affairs:

  • Access to key decision makers
  • Identification of main stakeholders and their relative positions within a given area
  • Supervision and identification of regulatory and political processes
  • Organise activities to bring attention to "Danish solutions" - targeted public policy makers, media, etc.
  • Evaluation and management of trade policy issues and political risks, CSR and anti-corruption
  • Dealing with disputes and trial monitoring
  • Advice on the "Base of the Pyramid", ie. new market segments within the lower income groups